Exclusive Interview with the Professional Development Coordinator for Early Childhood Connections: Kim Booth

Join me, Jessica Castleberry as I sit down and visit with Kim Booth, Professional Development Coordinator of Early Childhood Education, the Region 1 SDCDA Program Coordinator, and main administrator of the Rapid City Starting Strong Program.  Get to know Kim, hear about opportunities for obtaining a CDA, more information about the Rapid City Starting Strong program, and how you can receive additional resources for challenging behaviors in your classroom.  Listen for inside advice to early childhood educators, and what Kim would change about early childhood education in South Dakota.


Kim Booth, Professional Development Coordinator, Early Childhood Connections

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If you have any questions or comments for Kim, you can leave them in the comment area, or email her at kimbooth@rushmore.com

Additional resources mentioned by Kim during the interview:

The Center on Social Emotional Foundations for Early Learning


  1. Please share any resources that you have found helpful for professional growth, or help with student behaviors.
  2.  If  I was able to give you the ability to solve one issue in the early childhood education environment in South Dakota, what would it be?  Can you think of opportunities for how we can address this issue without a magic wand?

Post your answers in the comment area or email me at educationplantation@gmail.com




9 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview with the Professional Development Coordinator for Early Childhood Connections: Kim Booth

  1. Thank you Kim for all the great information. With working on my CDA there was a lot of great info to that. There was a lot of information to take in. I have worked in child care for awhile and once I started the classes I have learned a lot more. The CDA classes and even classes or training I do outside of work have helped my professional growth. I have done some research and a staff training on ways to help/work with Autistic children. Working with kids is such a rewarding profession.

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  2. Thank you Kim for all you great information. I have enjoyed working with you in the past and have taken my CDA classes with you as instructor, when asked where I find good resources you are one of the people I recommend. I also find a lot of great resources on line and other professionals here in town.
    There needs to be more local grants for early education programs especially that are private. The amount of tuition parents are will to pay does not meet the needs it takes to provide the pay teachers and other staff deserve. Providing quality education, learning materials, outdoor equipment and transportation is another high budget items. The city of Rapid City could use part of the proceeds from summer night and the 24/7 program to fund these grants. I add the proceeds from the 24/7 program because studies have proven children that attend a quality preschool program are more likely to graduate high school and go on to college and 40% less likely to go to prison, then at risk children that do not attend a quality preschool program.

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  3. Early childhood news and ECC are great resources for professional growth. Mentorship frim managers would be another great resource. One issue that could be solved would be that we have a funding program to better improve our learning environment as far as equipment for playground, materials supplies and fees that cover outside learning such as field trips. Addressing the issue to the community or city by opening up to the media as far as radio segments, commercials and utilizing social media.

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  4. If I could get rid of one problem in the early childhood classroom setting would be verbal abuse to children. People can say some pretty unnecessary things to children, this isn’t fair to them as they are still learning. To fix this problem just be more conscious of the words used with or in front of the children. Words are powerful and can leave powerful impressions. Whether they be positive or negative.


    • Morgan I like how you always state what should be obvious, but is often over looked. What you would like fixed is free. We can look into ourselves to make changes and remind coworkers. Words can hurt or heal it is up to us which we want to do. You always make me proud with your answers.


  5. I enjoyed listening to this pod cast and enjoyed reading everyone’s post. I will agree with Lori that we are learning so much while we are on the floor doing hands on work with the children but taking classes from CDA puts everything in perspective and opens up a door for more knowledge within this field . It gives you more detail and focuses on many parts of the early learning that we sometimes do not get to see when we are interacting with them and their environment.


  6. As an aspiring teacher I have become aware that our education doesn’t stop when we finally receive our education degrees. In order to provide our students quality education, we as teachers must continue our training and learning. Like Kim said in this pod cast, we must embrace a life of continuous learning and try our best to keep updated on the ever developing learning theories.
    When ever I am asked why I want to become a teacher, I always respond by explaining that I want to inspire young children into becoming life long learners who are confident and always asking questions and seeking the answers to those questions. While listening to the professionals in this podcast I am realizing the great importance of becoming a life long learner myself.
    The CDA program is something that I have not heard of until now and I am pleased to now know of this great way to continue my education and grow as a professional.


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